Painter of Inspiration

A self-taught artist, Angela was born and raised in Southern Illinois. After working 25 years in the commercial sector as Art Director for a silkscreen company and contact screen printing in St. Louis, Missouri, she decided it was time to venture out on her own after the sale of the company. 

Inspired by various mediums such as canvas, wood, stained-glass, ceramic, fabric and paper, glassware, Angela often mixes these mediums in each work to achieve a complex piece.  Painting is not always a self-evident decision when choosing creativity … even expanding into the unexpected for an immersive relationship to the art piece and theme, such as incorporating hearing aid batteries into the construction. Angela has learned to work fast, with a busy work and travel schedule in a 12-year career as Community Outreach Coordinator and Independent Living Specialist – Deaf Services  at IMPACT CIL in Alton, Illinois!  She has a passion for helping, educating and empowering people with disabilities, including the Deaf Community on local, state and national levels.

Click below for the portfolio of my work